Aida Mas Baghaie

Faculty of Environmental Studies/ York University

Master's of Environmental Studies (Planning) (Candidate)/ York University

Master of Arts in Economic Development and Sustainability/ Pablo Olavide University (Seville, Spain)

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics/University of British Columbia

Aida Mas Baghaie is a Master of Environmental Studies (Planning) student at York University, where her research focuses on participatory processes to foster equity in housing and mobility networks. From 2014-2017, she worked as a Community Engagement Coordinator and Project Manager for several non-profit organizations across Canada. She brings experience with project coordination and community-based research to StudentDwellTO, and will contribute to focus group facilitation as well as data collection and analysis.

@StudentDwellTO 2019  |  A collaboration between University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and OCAD University.