Dwelling Alternatives - Ideas of Living

This theme explored alternate ideas of how students live, and what their needs are for accommodation, and for support of their academic studies.

Consideration and documentation of existing examples of student housing that demonstrated successful, and innovative approaches to student dwelling were considered in case studies.

This was followed up through exploration in several coordinated architecture and design studio offerings at U of T’s Architecture program, Ryerson’s Architecture Science program, and OCADU’s Environmental Design program. 

At Ryerson’s architecture and planning studios DWELL CEx18 continues in the tradition of past Collaborative Exercises. This year the students investigated architectural identity, sense of place and collegiality through this exercise to create student housing as infill, addition, renovation or replacement of existing campus buildings. These sites within the immediate campus precinct were selected because they are either underdeveloped. Students designed to both improve the quality of the public space and architecture of the existing campus while positing a variety of affordable housing options in the midst of this current hyper-inflated real estate condition of the Toronto core.

Studio faculty: Cheryl Atkinson, Rob Coelho, Stanislav Jukovic, Veronica Maddon, Julie Ourceau, Vis Sankrithi, Scott Sorli, Jeff Geldart

Visiting Experts: Shelagh McCartney, Donald Schmidtt

This studio work was supplemented by an intensive study by Ryerson students in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, into the Feasibility of Co-operative Housing development, complete with an extensive study of particular Cooperative case studies.

Course faculty: David Amborski

At OCADU’s Environmental Design program, architectural design studios, students in the Design for Dwelling studio courses, tackled the design of a minimal affordable student housing unit, and community, and how it can become a temporary student home, while they are engaged in studies.
Studio faculty: Jeremy Bowes, Neal Prahbu

Research Topics & Course Findings

@StudentDwellTO 2019  |  A collaboration between University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and OCAD University.