StudentDwell+ Speaker Bios 

Eric Weissman
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Science, University of New Brunswick

Eric Weissman Ph.D. has been studying homelessness, housing and social policy in Canadian and US cities since 1999. Having recovered from the lived experience of episodic homelessness and addictions, over 23 years ago, he is well familiar with the difficulty people have when trying to find and keep safe and stable housing, which is essential to addressing other health concerns. His current academic work began in 1999 in tent camps and shantytowns like Toronto’s Tent City, which was the subject of his first film, “Subtext-real stories” (2005; 2012). He lived for a short time at Dignity Village Oregon, the first legal shantytown in US history, and the main site for his dissertation fieldwork completed at Concordia University in Montreal.

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