StudentDwell+ Speaker Bios 

Jeremy Bowes
Professor, Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies, OCAD University, Toronto

Professor Jeremy Bowes’ research centres around sustainable living design approaches and dwellings, building on architectural housing expertise, and systems design background. Key areas of research are minimal residential dwelling design, sustainable prefabrication and material constructional system methods, and integrated living systems within the architectural, urban and rural ecologies. Current research activities focus around housing within the context of the city ecosystem, and he coordinates a research group called systemCITY, focused on navigating these complex urban ecosystem problems with systems thinking, design and visualization tools. He brings to StudentDwellTO a strong design interest in affordable housing applications, and contributes to the project, with the exploration of student housing prototypes in curricular studio work, and data gathering and visualization support through the Visual Analytics lab at OCAD U.

@StudentDwellTO 2019  |  A collaboration between University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and OCAD University.