Student Experience of Home

The experience of home explores the nature of housing as a support for the student experience of home, and as a place that engages and provides for a student experience of personal and continuous learning, while engaged in academic and institutional pursuit. This topic is tackled through a series of questions raised in literature review / articles, and course findings, documented in exhibit work like “The Question of Home” exhibit at York U, documenting a narrative of student stories, testimonies, and photos.

The Question of Home

Student Housing through Images and Stories

Raising questions in thinking through the multiple meanings of homes, The Question of Home is a curated exhibition structured around four major themes: boundaries as spatial as well as intangible metaphor; incomplete homes or the idea of home as not singular solid entity; porous home where home is an active site of learning; and home as crisis, where we as inhabitants are actively engaged in the continuous process of unlearning and asking. Above themes are not to be read as exclusive of each other, rather as overlapping departures with inter-connections.

@StudentDwellTO 2019  |  A collaboration between University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, and OCAD University.